Accounting, Tax & Audit

We deal with all accounting aspects of our projects, including management accounts, coordinating the tax and audit functions and payment systems, all within UK GAAP or IFRS accounting principles.

Asset Management

Our asset management roles and skills cover all aspects of maximising the performance of property assets, from strategic sector advice to individual tenancy recommendations.

Corporate Governance

A Director is closely involved in each project giving the project team instruction and guidance whilst being able to provide detailed information to stakeholders at any time in respect of any aspect of their investment.

Corporate Structuring

We create and manage multiple company, partnership and offshore unit trust structures, all of which are tailored to the specific asset and stakeholder requirements in order to mitigate risk and enhance returns as far as possible.

Debt Sourcing & Management

We source and manage a number of differing debt structures with a variety of lenders, tailored to specific projects to provide sustainable limited recourse funding, including all reporting, compliance and treasury functions.

Development Management incl. planning

We manage all aspects of the development process, from concept through market testing, securing occupiers/purchasers, town planning, remediation, infrastructure and construction.

Financial Modelling

For each project we create a bespoke financial model which acknowledges/informs the corporate and debt structures and allows us to sensitise and monitor all aspects of the project to fully understand and report on the potential risk and return profiles.

Investor Relations & Reporting

We produce regular comprehensive stakeholder reports, tailored to suit specific asset and stakeholder requirements, and hold regular meetings to ensure all parties have full information on their projects.

Property Management

We ensure that the basic functions of property monitoring, tenant liaison, efficient service charge and insurance management and rent collection are properly executed, reported and integrated into our project plans.

Transaction Services – Acquisition, Sale & Letting, Lease Re-gears & Rent Reviews

These functions are integral to the informed planning and success of any project and are undertaken directly by us to ensure control and market interface, often in conjunction with sector/location specialists.

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